Midnight at the Wandering Vineyard by Jamie Raintree

Midnight at the Wandering Vineyard
By Jamie Raintree

Published March 2019 by Graydon House



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The follow-up to Raintree’s sparkling debut Perfectly Undone, MIDNIGHT AT THE WANDERING VINEYARD brilliantly meshes the provocative relationship fiction of Jennifer Weiner with the nuanced family dynamics of Karen White in this story of a young woman who reconnects with her estranged best friend to complete their teenage bucket list, but the man who came between them years ago reappears to challenge their bond once again.

A young woman at a crossroads in her life returns home to her family’s vineyard in California when tragedy strikes and reconnects with her estranged childhood best friend. They decide to complete the bucket list they created the summer they were 18, the summer that saw their friendship torn apart. But when the man who came between them all those years ago reappears, it challenges their fragile new bond and pushes each woman to confront past hurts and buried truths.

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Honest moment, when I saw the cover of Midnight at the Wandering Vineyard, I instantly fell in love and knew I needed to read the book. The cover is absolutely stunning!

The book definitely lives up to it’s gorgeous cover.

I’ll admit, the first chapter was a little rocky for me. I don’t know why it took me a moment to kind of find my bearings, but once I was in, I was hooked. In fact, I read the entire book in one sitting because I couldn’t put it down!

Mallory (Mal), is back home visiting after leaving for New York ten years prior. She and her childhood best friend, Kelly, had a fall out the summer before she left for college, and Mal is hoping to find closure and fix the past.

She doesn’t realize Sam will also be back visiting at the same time she is. And he’s a big reason why Mal and Kelly had a falling out. As the story unfolds, I just couldn’t tear myself away. Mal wanted answers and so did I.

I related to Mal a lot more than I’d probably ever like to admit. It was like reading about my own teenage screw ups. I wanted her to patch things up with Kelly so badly, and I also was incredibly intrigued as to what happened between them that summer.

I found myself laughing along with characters during parts of the story, and I also found myself crying through parts as well.

The book didn’t end exactly the way I thought (and that’s not a bad thing at all), and when it was all over, I closed the book and wished I could read more. I wasn’t ready for the story to end.

This is an amazing story about growing as a person and navigating relationships.

Midnight at the Wandering Vineyard by Jamie Raintree

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